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Know about West Bengal Board of Primary Education

The West Bengal Board of Primary Education, or WBBPE, is a separate and independent body. It oversees the state’s elementary schools and reports to the West Bengal government. Grades 1–5…

Some Important Points You Should Know about West Bengal Health Recruitment Board

WHEREAS, the Department of Health & Family Welfare is dedicated to ensuring that all state citizens have access to quality health care through its various directorates, institutions, and establishments. While…

Geographical Facts about West Bengal

Located in eastern India, the geographical region of West Bengal is home to a varied landscape. The neighbouring nation of Bangladesh is to the east, while Sikkim and Bhutan are…

Transforming Howrah: Nikhil Nirmal’s Vision for Progress at Howrah Railway Station, West Bengal

West Bengal has a lot of history and a strong economy. This city, Howrah, is on the Hooghly River and shows you both. The well-known Howrah Railway Vision, Howrah West Bengal,…

Understanding the Richness of Natural Resources in West Bengal

Understanding the Richness of Natural Resources in West Bengal Located in eastern India, the state of West Bengal is home to a wealth of natural resources. The state’s economy and…

Redefining Healthcare Accessibility: A Comprehensive Analysis of the West Bengal Health Scheme

The West Bengal Health Scheme gives people hope in a country with uneven health care. The bold Nikhil Nirmal IAS started this project by showing how dedicated the state government…

Revolutionizing Tea Garden Welfare: The Inspiring Journey of Nikhil Nirmal

There are unstable economies, exploitation, and a need for more basic services for tea plantation workers in North India, especially in West Bengal and Assam. An IAS officer named Nikhil Nirmal gives them hope despite their problems. He helps poor people live better by giving them new ideas and working hard.

Tea Garden Workers Discover a Glimmer of Hope in This IAS Officer After Years of Distress!

The majority of these employees are descendants of tribal migrants who came from Bihar, Jharkhand, and Assam centuries ago, according to Suman Mohanty, a probationary ias officer serving under Nirmal, who spoke with TBI.

Abolishing Food Insecurity in His District: Bengal’s ‘Singham’ IAS Officer Takes Action!

Food safety is a personal matter for Nikhil Nirmal, a West Bengal district that was created only in June 2014 and a 2011-batch Indian Administrative Service officer who was just…

10 best Civil Servants of 2018, no one from Odisha cadre!

People criticize India’s bureaucracy as slow, corrupt, and ineffectual. Despite these issues, some civil officials defy preconceptions and improve the world through inventive efforts and dedication to public service. Many…

20,000 Children Fight Poverty and Trafficking Through IAS Officer’s Free Model

The DM understood that the administration could only implement the much-needed adjustment. And thus, Aloran came to be.

Implementing Schemes Is His Forte

Due to this initiative, the district’s infant mortality rate dropped from 19 to 14, and the percentage of institutional deliveries climbed from 97% to 99.3%. Maternal fatalities also declined from 21 to 13.

Driving Excellence: WBSIDCL’s Transformative Role in West Bengal’s Infrastructure Development

After receiving three Governance Now PSU Awards, WBSIDCL has proven its leadership in infrastructure construction and management. WBSIDCL helps West Bengal flourish by working hard, developing innovative ideas, and striving for greatness.

Small Industries Development Bank of India signs MoU with West Bengal SIDCL

According to Dwivedi, this MoU would help micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in West Bengal speed up the process of establishing their units and gaining institutional assistance.

8 Dedicated Civil Servants And Their Initiatives Which Made 2018 A Better One

While politicians and kings can only issue orders, civil servants are the unsung heroes of every nation’s progress and prosperity. Everyone in the government, including the police, collectors, and administrative staff, should agree that this is the best leader.